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La Mia Focaccia

January 15th 2008 marked the 10th anniversary of La Mia Focaccia. As an authentic Italian restaurant owner and chef, over the years my goal was to provide customers with outstanding satisfaction at all costs and troubles. Ever since I was a young girl, cooking was always my passion. I always viewed perfection as a priority and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

It has always been my motto, "Quality over Quantity", Contrary to a tasteless hoagie roll or doughy ciabatta bread, my focaccias are baked fresh daily on the premises, free of preservatives and topped with fresh organic herbs grown from my garden. As my loyal customers repeatedly say to me every visit, it's what makes the sandwich. Additionally, I only like to use superior quality meats, fine cheeses, and other gourmet ingredients prepared fresh from the kitchen. I am also proud to offer a fine selection of exquisite salads, homemade desserts and other Italian specialties to complement your lunch.

Many will agree healthy nutrition is essential for our future and we have the choice to pay now or pay later. Despite the current troubled economy, I won't compromise the quality and freshness of my cooking; it's authentic and unique. In addition to outstanding cuisine, I strive to consistently provide customers with excellent service at a fast pace, making your lunch a delectable perfect experience.